Life @ Madhusthali


Madhusthali makes sure that the students get enriched with Indian culture. For this we have weekly hobby classes. These classes are specially allotted for the students, are crafted in a manner that the students get informed about Indian as well as western forms of art and culture. From painting to literature to cultural values, students are taught everything from India as well as the world over. This helps them to increase their knowledge about the world and the country they live in. A cultural event is also held once in every month. Students showcase their talent during this event. At the end of the term, Madhusthali organizes a cultural evening where the parents are also invited to witness the talent of their children.


Students are always encouraged to take parts in sports activities. Madhusthali campus has a specially made sports area which has a basketball court, volleyball court, a swimming pool and a gym. Also the ground holds many sports activities such as football and cricket matches, horse riding, martial art, karate, etc. The ground is also used for sports competition. They get to learn the strategies of playing a game and also how to win it. This teaches them how to work in a team. The students thus become aware of their physical as well as mental fitness and also learn co-operation and team building. The Inter-House Annual sports and Athletic Meet and the ASISC Zonal Athletic Meet are held each year. These competitions help the children to get a feel of conventional competition thus encouraging them to push their way forward to face the demanding competition which lies ahead in life.


The Madhusthali campus by itself is a theatre to stimulate the student’s imagination and sensitivity and tap their power of observation. Students are encouraged to express and communicate a range of ideas and feelings through the element of design using their artistic skills.
This enables them to realize the importance of expression and enrich their own individual experiences through this colourful medium.


Madhusthali Vidyapeeth has specialist music teachers. All classes receive music learning sessions on a weekly basis. It also comes equipped with ever-growing number of musical instruments. The children enjoy music classes where their individual talents are nurtured and supported.


Regular yoga and meditation sessions are held at Madhusthali to make the students mentally & physically strong.