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  • Classes III to VII = (₹5170 + ₹11,000) x 12    =   ₹1,94,040.00            

  • Classes VIII to X = (₹5655 + ₹12,000) x 12    =   ₹2,11,860.00      

  • Classes XI & XII = (₹6050 + ₹13,000) x 12    =   ₹2,28,600.00     

Mode of Payments:-

  • Parents are requested to pay the school fee by cash, at par cheque or crossed demand draft drawn on any bank in favour of “Madhusthali Vidyapeeth” payable at Kolkata/Madhupur on or before the last date.

  • Fee may also be deposited online by downloading the Application on your mobile phones using the following link: Or Log on to

  • All correspondence about bills/payments/balance of amount should be addressed to the Principal only.


Concessions :-

  • Concessions to siblings only or real brothers / sisters amounting to ₹ 5000.00 is given in Tuition Fee to the 2nd and 3rd child studying in Madhusthali Vidyapeeth. It will be granted on receipt of written request from parents only.

  • A rebate of 5% will be granted in the Tuition Fee only if the entire fee is deposited by 10th April


Accountable School Fee (Imprest A/C):-

  • At the time of admission or in April every year a sum of ₹20,000.00 is required to be deposited in the Imprest Account. This account will cover expenses incurred by student for uniforms, pocket money, books, stationery, weekend exits, field trips and cultural / academic excursion, school tuck shop, medical expenses outside school, telephones, travel & ticketing expenses, exam expenses, board registration and exam fee for classes 9 to 12, sports expenses of personal nature, specialized coaching, fines and penalties, if any, etc. An accountable school fee account will be opened & maintained for all students, which is like a current account wherein all expenses incurred by the student will be posted and a detailed statement of which will be provided to the parents (If they desire to have it) at the end of each term.

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