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Message from the Principal

Education is the making of a man. It is an enlightenment which is the sign of a civilized society. Culture comes from it and this grooms and shapes individuals and regulates their behaviour and attitude. The right attitude is needed to reach the right altitude of life.

We, at Madhusthali, endeavour to attain this. We pluck the children young and with our pupil centric atmosphere, we apply student friendly techniques. We work on their personality traits in a manner that helps inculcate in them the right attitude towards life, which includes their academic sphere and their personal life.

What is the very purpose of school education? Is it limited to helping students achieve that very important number to get into University? If so, why is it that all the most meritorious students are not necessarily the most successful in life?

Who should one benchmark with? Having visited some great schools in India, one day it struck that these fabulous institutions were built decades and centuries ago. If one were to set up a forward looking institution, should one look into the past or peep into the future?

In today’s world, where one cannot even imagine the kind of professions and businesses that will exist twenty years from now, the whole pedagogical approach for education should shift from ‘teaching’ based to ‘learning’ based, so as to prepare ‘life-long learners’.

A good teacher is no more the one who has answers to all the questions students ask, but the one who ignites students to ask such questions of which even s/he does not have the answers.

Books, which were at least vetted, are no more the only source of information. Thus, how do you equip children with the skills to be able to filter tons of information that is thrown at them with the click of a button?

In the classroom, how do one maintain the attention span of this restless and multi-tasking post-internet and cellphone generation that loves indulging in several activities at the same time?

Madhusthali is that sanctuary which endeavours in making a child  an individual of distinguished accomplishment with the help of innovative teaching, and value oriented education. In the way of all great institutions, Madhusthali, too is concerned to prepare students for life with a combination of an accurate mind with the right knowledge and skill to take on them.

Today, Madhusthali has completed more than a decade. The journey that had started at the turn of the millennium has never paused.. Having said that, I truly believe that Madhusthali is a living organism that evolves further with each passing year.

Welcome Aboard……….

Welcome to Madhusthali …. .

Bitan Biswas

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