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The Group

MCKV Group of Institutions has expanded its branches in the fields of education, technology and innovation and kept its roots implanted in the principal values of trust and dedication. The journey began in 1997, when Shri S. S. Kejriwal, a humanitarion with a visionary approach to life and humanity, took the initiative to establish MCKV Vidyapeeth in Liluah, Howrah.

Inspired by his ideology, Shri K.K. Kejriwal has continued exploring the academic domain with acumen and perseverance that witnessed the inception of MCKV Institute of Engineering in Liluah, followed by Madhusthali Vidyapeeth and MITT - a teachers’ training institute located in the rich green valley of Madhupur.

The group’s altruistic approach to society reflects in MCKV Health & Medicare, while Bal Vikas Kendra and Disha is instituted in the pursuit of knowledge with an empathy for the physically challenged and under privileged children. The evergreen tree of MCKV Group always welcomes students, teachers, associates and people to be a part of its growing arena of learning.

MCKV Instiute of Engineering 

Autonomous Engineering college affiliated to MAKAUT, West Bengal and approved by AICTE.

(Howrah, West Bengal)

M.C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth 

Boys' School Affiliated to CISCE

(Howrah, West Bengal)

Madhusthali  Vidyapeeth 

Co-ed School Affiliated to CISCE

(Madhupur, Jharkhand)

Madhusthali  Inst. of Teacher Training 

(A Co-Ed. Teacher Training College.)

(Madhupur, Jharkhand)

Madhusthali  Inst. of Paramedical Sciences

A Government Approved Co-Ed College for Paramedical Science & Technology

(Madhupur, Jharkhand)

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