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Special Occasion

The school will gives special importance to the celebration of the important days and annual days, to inculcate the feeling of nationalism, love for Alma Mater and gratitude to parents among the students. Special guidelines are set in advance and preparations start under the guidance of the teachers to celebrate these special days and rejuvenate the spirit and mind so that our culture is preserved and the students ensure the continuance of the cultural heritage of India.



Annual Felicitation Day is one of the prominent events which the school organizes to felicitate the toppers in various academic and co-curricular activities. This is one of the major events to motivate and boost the outstanding young minds. The management takes in to stage a special program to felicitate the achievers in the presence of the students and the parents. A colorful program gets underway with the involvement of the parents fraternity and it is a proud moment for the parents to watch their wards being felicitated. It not only truly acknowledges the tremendous efforts of the students but the concerned teachers too. The winner takes away with certificates and Medals. This program gestures that “a teacher affects eternity; we can never tell where their influence stops”. Felicitation program marks the beginning of a new era in the life of a student for his future endeavours which turns out to be joyous and memorable one.


Beside Academic Curriculum we also encourage young minds to take part in various sports activities through Physical Education classes and other means of activities pertaining to sports. The students get ample opportunities to exercise their sporting skills from Zonal to National Level under various exciting events. The schools recognizes that the provision of high quality sport and PE has significant positive impacts on young people’s lives including improving physical and mental health outcomes, enhancing academic achievement and building key personal and social skills. It also manages highly skilled sports coordinators to boost and coach the young minds to achieve great heights in the field of sports. The credentials of the Madhusthalians speak of the achievements made so far in this line.

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