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Scout & Guide Training Camp

A three days camp for our Scouts and Guides was organised at our school from 13th of March to 15th of March 2024. This is the second year in succession that the camp has been held at our school's adventure park.

On the first day of camp Mr Suraj Bose and Ms Vinita Bose, the Scout master and the Guide captain of our school assisted the students and trained them with the process of tying flag pole knots and to tie the flag, the group formation and work of Patrol/troupe leader and Asst Patrol/troupe leader, knotting,lashing,pioneering and different types of claps.

On the second day the leaders were changed and process was explained to them. After that our students were taken for hiking to State training park where they were trained by the trainer different ways of signalling that is Morse code and Sima phore and estimation with inch to foot method, triangulation method and Napolean method.

On the last day of camp the students were engaged with pitching of tent. This was a perilous endeavour as many times members of various patrols ended up with the tent wrapped around themselves before they finally got it right.

When they eventually succeeded it ended up looking something like that-a marvel of low tech, low cost, temporary housing. After that students were engaged in patrol corner decoration and preparation of different snacks without utensils.

After the preparation of snacks our Patrol leaders and Asst leaders went to invite and escort our honourable CEO sir, Education officer sir, Principal sir,MITT Principal Ma'am, Administrator sir and OSD sir. All of them were felicitated by our students with handmade bouquet and after that they have taken a round of all the tents.

The event ended with some of the performances of our Scouts & Guides and with sharing of guidance by our dignitaries.

The event culminated on a high note as all the members had an enriching experience.

We extend our heartiest thanks to our Chairman sir and School Administration for their guidance and support and Mr Benimadhab, Mr Ranu and Ms Nidhi for their cooperation on these three days of camp.


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