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Celebration Of Rath Yatra at Madhusthali Campus

Celebration of this auspicious festival on 7th July 2024 on the school campus. The three Idols of Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Lord Balabhadra and his sister Goddess Subhadra were placed in the decorated chariot by the residential students under the special guidance of our honorable Chairman Sir and HR-MCKV with the other hostel incharges, accompanied by chants “ Jai Jagannath”, which resounded in the entire campus.

The participation of the students and staff was admirable as they pulled the chariot to the new school building, new school dining hall, teachers quarter and rested in the MITT College. They were active and enthusiastic in their involvement in this celebration.

The young residential children along with parents too pulled the chariot with devotion , it is a belief that pulling the chariots of their God during procession is a way of engaging in pure devotion of the lord and destroying their sins. The Campus echoed with the chant “ Jagannath Swami ki Jay”. The celebration ended with the distribution of Prasad.


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