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Counseling Session on Exam Stress and Anxiety for ICSE Students Conducted

Updated: Feb 5

Examinations and assessments are an integral part of the learning process in a student’s life. While the stress and ensuing fear of the exam is inevitable, one should not undermine its damaging effects on learners.

Anxiety often affects students deeply, making them counter productive and needless to say, it is detrimental to their mental well-being. To address this issue, Madhusthali Vidyapeeth organised a session on the following topic "Handling Exam Stress for enhanced performance."

on 27th January 2024 at the College Auditorium for the Class 10 students.

The session was led by our respected Psychologist Shri.Amitabh Mohan (Founder & Managing Director- HLS, Kolkata) along with our respected Education Officer, Dr.Janardhan Ghosh and Principal MV, Mr.Bitan Biswas.

The objective was to enable them with strategies in assessment preparation which will not only help them in the upcoming Board Examination but also in other academic examinations in their lives ahead.

Our resource person emphasized on certain essential take away points and tips how to handle stress and anxiety to prepare for the Board Exams.

Some of the session take away points are as follows:

# Strategic Time Management

# Systematic Study Routine

# Balanced Sleeping hours

# Revision with writing practices

# Revisiting Classroom practices

# Controlled thoughts

# Avoiding Procrastination

# Understanding the paper

# Optimistic Attitude

# Group discussion

# Avoiding apprehension

# Attempting the paper wisely

It was a constructive approach to eliminate all the chances of poor preparation and build-up a confident and optimistic learner who is ever-ready to take on the exams.

The session ended in an open house discussion; while the students exchanged personal experiences, tips and take away points that will work wonders for them in the exam.

The session will definitely have a far-reaching impact for it will surely encourage the students to ponder over their exam preparation patterns and change for the better.


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