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MV Commerce Students Bank Visit

Updated: Feb 5

On 30th January 2024, Commerce Students from Classes IX to XI visited our Madhupur Branch HDFC BANK led by Commerce Teacher, Mr.Raj Kumar Thakur.

The main objective was to enable the students to acquire practical knowledge and information about banking and other relevant updated details leading to experiential learning.

The experience was quite an eye-opening as the students gained insights into how the bank establishments operate and the various services they offer to their customers.

During the visit, the students were equipped with questionnaire as they observed the various processes that take place in the bank and were able to interact with the staff and understand the intricacies of Banking.

Based on the visit, the student's feedback was also taken to which we found that the visit has been a fruitful one for the students.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the Branch Manager and Staff of HDFC Bank, Madhupur for your support and humble cooperation.

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