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MV Teachers Workshop

A true teacher is not a person who only delivers lessons but he is a learner too and his learning is a continuous process that enhances his knowledge, mastering new teaching skills, developing proficiency, which in turn helps to improve students’ learning. Previous studies have indicated that when teachers become effective classroom managers, their students achieve at a higher level.

To boost the morale of our teachers, an interactive and impactful workshop was conducted on 20th March 2024 in the College Auditorium. It was conducted by the resource person - a senior academician, Shri. Viswas Lapelkar (Full time Karyakarta at Vivekananda Kendra, Kaniya Kumari & Ex- Ex-Secretary of 52 Vivekananda Schools with our special guest Shri Kamal Kanth ( Education Coordinator-Assam).

He talked about various teaching techniques to make the teaching learning process more interesting and effective. He threw light on the importance of child friendly techniques. Queries and challenges faced by the teachers were addressed and novel ideas for teaching were shared.


1. The workshop was an interactive one. It enlightens the teachers about the components of a successful, well –managed classroom.

2. Instructed teachers to be respectful about the individuality of the students and give a chance to their passion. Students should be given liberty of choice.

3. Give tangible awards to celebrate hard work of students- It can be a good example of positive reinforcement.

4. Develop rapport with kids to build a level of trust between teachers and students. When a student trusts a teacher he /she makes an effort to follow his or her teacher's words to become the first contact person after the child's family.

5. Various innovative strategies which can be applied in the real classroom situation were shared among the teachers to make children his/ her friends so that they can develop the necessary trust in the teacher.

6. Ask questions and listen- Questioning techniques were emphasized.

7. Difference between Micro and Macro Teaching Methodologies were shared.

8. Teachers were guided to maintain a behaviour chart, create peer counselors, and use non-verbal gestures to reprimand the students.

9. Role of the teacher’s personality on students in the class was shared. The responsibilities and duties of teachers must be parallel to the needs and the creative minds of the children. (Plan- Teach- Feedback)

10. Multidimensional Teaching Skills like story telling, Introducing games and Singing etc. were shared as to how a teacher should adopt the teaching technique to make the classroom enriching and inspiring.

Teachers were inspired to incorporate various games and to sharpen various teaching skills to make the class more interactive.

Our resource person also urged our teachers to utilize good techniques for planning, implementation and evaluation. The workshop was reflective and goal oriented.

The workshop ended with a meditative session and vote of thanks.

Our heartiest thanks to our Management & Education Officer for the noble initiative to enrich our respective teachers to embark on the new session on a positive note.


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